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English Pronunciation, Phonetics & Phonology

House of Speech is the online home of Dr Matthew Moreland, a 'phon-and-pron' consultant based in Norwich, UK, supporting clients with any and all needs relating to phonetics, phonology and pronunciation:

Dr Matthew Moreland presenting

  • Phonetics/phonology consultation

    • Phonetic transcription training

      • refreshers for Speech & Language Therapists and those requiring phonemic or IPA transcription skills - includes ear training and production practice
    • Dictionary editing

      • pronunciation research and model development for all varieties of English
    • Undergraduate/postgraduate tutoring for Linguistics and Speech & Language Therapy students

    • High-precision IPA-fluent Standard Southern British English voice recordings

  • English pronunciation skills

    • Non-native English speakers

      • by-the-hour pronunciation coaching, face-to-face or Skype, tailored to your language background
    • Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)

      • 1:1 or group sessions on improving students' pronunciation skills
    • Corporate pronunciation training

      • for managers and staff, group or individual sessions


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    Please get in touch with your requirements by emailing Matthew here, or using one of the links to the right:

    Dr Matthew Moreland

    Dr Matthew Moreland Speaking

    A clinical linguist by background, Matthew subsequently obtained a PhD in English phonology from the University of Reading and is currently Lecturer in Phonetics at the University of East Anglia (UEA). He began teaching English linguistics and phonetics over 10 years ago and has taught pronunciation skills to international learners of English, academic writing and linguistic analysis skills to English language students, and clinical phonetics and phonology to student speech and language therapists. In order to better contextualise his phonetics teaching, Matthew qualified as a speech and language therapist himself in 2015. In 2016, Matthew was awarded a 'Most Innovative Teaching' award by the students at UEA for using parodies of popular songs to teach elements of phonetics.

    Matthew is also a freelance phonetician who edits pronunciations for the Oxford English Dictionary and has recorded thousands of words for He has taught on the prestigious UCL Summer Course in English Phonetics, advised TEFL teachers on pronunciation skills and consulted on speech and language therapy software.

    Matthew is a member of the British Association of Academic Phoneticians, though his research has so far been more phonological in nature. He investigated the post-initial jod for his doctorate and utilised his phonotactic probability calculator further in looking at phonological patterns in stammering and dyslexia during his Masters in Speech & Language Therapy.

    Please note Matthew does not offer advice in the capacity of a Speech & Language Therapist. For private speech and language therapists in your area, please visit ASLTIP here.